Sunday, December 26, 2010

Well, it is finally here. Christmas week. I am getting so excited. I dont' know why but I am getting so excited, cause everyone else is excited. all of Vickies and my friends from Canine Country Club are coming and going in such good moods. And people keep bringing us food and candy and presents.

This Christmas thing is turning out to be a pretty good thing. I can smell a difference in all the people to. They smell Happier and Lighter and well, it is just a good smell and good feeling.
Course all the excitement has made most of the critters around here more and more tired. Like Jamie is sleeping more than ever before. Not just cause she is old, but probably because Vickie has been taking her with us on our walks more. Sure it means I don't get to cover as much ground as usual cause we are always waiting for Jamie but it is probably a good thing for the old girl to get out.

Abby sleeps a lot to and doesn't seem as nervous these days. She has always been a nervous kind of dog, but she does seem more calm lately. It must be the Christmas Thing again.

Allred sleeps all the time now, but I suspect it is because his leg hurts him some. He doesn't get to go back to the vets for another week but when he does go, I heard Vickie and the doctor say something about maybe amputation. Now I don't know what amputation means, but I can guess it isn't something I would want. Beleive it or not, I am starting to like that old cat just a little and I wouldn't want nothing bad to happen to him.

Sometimes, when it is quiet around here (and it isn't quiet that often) I like to look at the other dogs when they are peacefully sleeping. Scrappy can look so innocent. But don't let that fool you, you should see all the cuts and bites I have on my neck from the little guy grabbing hold and hanging on while we are playing.

Maximus has taken complete control of the lazy boy, but that is ok, it is only when he comes to visit for a few days that he gets to take it over. The rest of the time it is mine.....well almost mine. That little Kya kind of pushes me out when ever she wants to.

so vickie Jamie and I took a walk the otehr day and found this really neat lane that was full of these neat trees. They were covered with little raindrops and it looked like a lane of trees with white and clear Christmas Tree lights. It was so cool that we went back the next day and walked along it again.
Oh Man, and on the way home from the walk we stopped at this really cool little bakery deli called "Holy! Kolanche." Vickie went in and got us some of these rolls that were soooo amazingly good. They had a meat or chicken stuff backed inside them and Oh My Gosh.......
And cinamon rolls like you had when you were a little child (So Vickie says) and it was like the best place ever. So if anyone is ever around 1800 North and 1900 West, you should soooo go inside and get something.
Me and Vickie are going back on Monday for one of their sandwhiches for lunch. TOO DIE FOR.
The day care dogs mostly got to stay home with their families this week from Thursday on so all of us in Vickies family and all of the dogs that didn't get to spend the Holiday with thier families had the whole place to ourselves.
Vickie opened up all the play areas and it was just a big couple of days of running and playing with friends, then resting good at night then playing again.

Heidi, who has been here for weeks, decided that she was in a particullary playful mood and she has been running around like crazy.
She has taken a personal interest in annoying Allred and has found a bunch of different ways to pass the day by testing his patience. And we all know how much patience Allred has, especially because he isn't feeling well.

He tries to hide up in his towere but Heidi has figured out how to get up there and irritate him. I worry for poor Heidi cause ONE OF THESE DAYS the Allred boy is gonna connect with her nose and I fear their may be some blood and it wont be Allreds.

I get a kick out of little Kya. She is so small, yet even I, the biggest dog here, respect her boundries. Check it out, she isn't even as long as the TV remote. But beleive me, Small does not mean Helpless.

We had a lot of Shepherds over the Christmas Break. Titan, Max and Mia. You know, I am not particulalry excited about when I have to play with Shepherds, but I have to admit, in the dog world, they are a handsome animal.

Nemo and Aron keep me busy too. Aron is a big heavy rotty while Nemo is a delicate pit but both are so fun to play with. So now it is Christmas eve and I have been waiting to open my presents all week. Waiting waiting waiting.

WE know the rule about being asleep so Santa can come. Vickie explained that to us, so we all tried to go to sleep early. By the way "Who is this Santa Guy?" Sleep Sleep Sleep. It just doesn't come that easily when you are excited.

And then it is TIME. Christmas Morning.....What did I get, what did I get.
Wahoo, I got a funny hairy supposidly indestructable toy skunk. A skunk for Petes sake. All this waiting and all I get is a lousy supposedly indestructable skunk. Well, the minute I opened my present, it was clear that everyone else wanted a part of the bounder, so wether I liked it or not, I had to run with it.
Escape with it before the others took it away from me. Dela gave me the best chase and even got a hold of it once, but I finally came out triumphant and the funny hairy supposedly indestructable toy skunk was mine. ALL MINE......I had it torn apart and taken away from me within five minutes time.
All this waiting and I get a stupid toy for five minutes. mmmmm

But all in all it turned out ok cause Vickie served us all a big old plate of Herb Roasted Turkey Breast for our Christmas Dinner. Every dog in the kennel got their share and boy oh boy was it good.
So I leave you now with a wish for a very Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy New Year. (Lets hope it brings me more than a dumb old funny hairy supposedly indestructable toy skunk.)
See you all Next Year.
Love Bert

Oh yeah here is a short clip of me and Dela playing.


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