Sunday, December 19, 2010

So, about this "Christmas" thing that is coming up. Vickie says because we live in a kennel and there are dogs everywhere, and that some of them will eat anything, well, lets be real....since I EAT ANYTHING, she says we can't have no decorations for Christmas.

So I guess that is ok, since I have no idea what a "Decoration" is. But if it is those cool lights outside of peoples houses that vickie and I see when we go for a ride at night, or if its those really cool houses that we walk past on our walks that smell like a pine forest, well if those are "Decorations" I just might be missin out.

Vickie did give me what she called a "Preview" of what I was in for Christmas morning. I still don't get it.

Whatever that "Preview" was, I found it just a little creepy and I am not so sure I liked it. I guess this weekend is when I will find out what it all means. At least, that is what Vickie said.

In the mean time, me and Vickie have been taking total advantage of the beautiful, wonderful, and amazing thing called SNOW.

Down here at the kennel, we only have an inch or so of it, but UP IN THE MOUNTAINS is incredible....

Life as I know it has become full circle and I am in the center of it. I LOVE IT. More More More...... Finally Vickie got her snow shoes out and finally I GOT MORE OF THE DEEP STUFF.
Here at the kennel at five am Vickie and I love to go out and shovel, well she shovels and I just frolic (That is her term, but I like it) It is so quiet at that time of day. No cars going by, no dogs barking, just silent sweet peace. It almost takes your breath away.
I really like looking at how the different weather changes on the bird house that Kodiak and Kenai's mom gave us last year. Rain looks cool on it but snow makes it look best of all.

Inside during the day time, we find Ellie resting on my bed....again....

Then there is Heidi. She has been here for a week and is staying another few weeks. She has a death wish.....She has decided that bugging Allred is her life time goal. I keep telling her, it will be a short lifetime.

She figured out how to climb up to the second level of Allreds tower. I dont' think she knows yet, just what is lurking above her head. I wanna warn her, really I do, but my curiousity as to what would happen to her if I didn't, is holding me back from convincing her to look up.

It just keeps getting better and better as Heidi starts to explore the tower more and finds the next way up.
Dang that Vickie, she comes in the room about now and pulls Heidi off the tower and moves the furniture away so she can't get back up.

Ah but trust the curiosity of a dumb dog. Later on Allred has decided to sleep on the bed by the floor heat vent. when Heidi sees that, she comes in for the "Sneak attack"

Dang it, In comes Vickie, AGAIN..... but I know, if I wait long enough, I am going to get some great entertainment out of this looming confrontation.
Did I tell you that Vickie is starting to really like Allred. Big Bummer. Now I guess he is here to stay. How on earth did a big mean old cat worm its way into her heart. I thought I was taking up all the available room in her heart, but then along comes ALLRED. Devil Cat.

I bet it's all that "I am sick, I have a sore leg, I am old and alone in the world" stuff that Allred keeps telling her. Boy I can't believe she fell for that.

Cute little Kya is still here. She is the tiniest pup we have had here. But she is such a tiger. And Oh my gosh, she has a huge bark at 2 in the morning and at 3 in the morning and at 4 in the morning.

Daila and Allred have reached a compromise as to how they will get along. They just ignore each other. Now why doesn't that work for me and Allred.

Gracie likes to play "Princess and the Pea" when Vickie is washing floors. She stacks all the dog beds into one big pile, Ellie immediatly climbs up and quickly goes to sleep.

Saturday we headed out for some dog training with a friend. His dogs name is Sandy and I was supposed to be the Decoy Dog. You know, I am getting a little tired of being the "Decoy Dog"

Here I think I am going for a walk with friends and Vickie puts me in a downstay and lets all the other dogs walk around me and over me and up to me.
It is a good thing she makes up for it with a trip to the hills afterwords. Yea. More BIG SNOW.
And as you might imagine, Now I am TIRED. Ready to call it another week, go to sleep and dream about Christmas and Decorations and SNOW. If only that little Kya would stop barking all night......

Have a wonderful week
I'll see ya the day after Christmas.
PS Mike, we miss you and we will catch up with you and Sunny in the next life.

Late addition. Dougal sent me this video of him playing in the snow. Yah us goldens we does love the snow.

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Erin said...

Really? Vickie still has that cat! I am SOO SO sorry Bert!

I should come up sometime! I really miss you guys! :(