Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I don’t remember Spring of last year. Vickie says it is because I was too young to really notice. Besides, by the time I came to live with her and Jamie, Abby and Scrappy it was already summer.

Things have changed a lot since I came. Jamie says it is because of me that they have changed. Like first thing is Vickie had to remove all the rocks that were in her front yard because I Eat Rocks. I hear her say all the time, that I am a very expensive dog because of that. I wonder what she means.

Anyway she took out all of her rock yard and turned it into a lovely green grass. Jamie, Abby and Scrappy are continually thanking me for being responsible for that. They say the grass is much nicer to lay on.

Then Vickie had to lay a big slab of cement. She doesn’t blame me entirely for that, but she does say it was just one more expense to remove rocks from my reach. However, I hear her tell her mom all the time, that the cement was the best thing she could have ever done.

There were other expenses because of me, but Vickie isn’t really complaining when she talks about it, because as you well know, I am worth every penny……..

Back to Spring time. First I love the fact that the swimming pools are full all the time. Especially after I get back from my run at the park. Not the park with the lake, but the park where we play ball for an hour. After running and catching and running and catching and running and running and running, I get pretty hot so it is really nice to come back and get in my pool (yes it is MY pool, not Jamies, not Abby;s not Scrappy’s but MY pool) and lay down in the cool refreshing water and relax while my body temperature goes slowly back to normal.

Every one should have a pool.

The roses have come into bloom and Vickie has a lot of pretty ones. See…..

My favorite one is the one she says was planted over Syra’s grave. It is a white rose like Syra. This is a picture of it.

I never got to meet Syra because she died just before I came to live with Vickie, but she must have been wonderful to know. I see her picture on the wall from when she would go up to Sourdough with Vickie in the spring and I want to be just like her. Vickie says she will take me and Jamie camping up there this week and if the flowers are in bloom, she will get a picture just like this one of me to hang next to the one of Syra and Jamie. Just think, I’ll be immortalized.

More fun demonstrations at the parks, and one at Ellison Park Elementary

and one for some really fun boys and girls that live up above Harrison and north of 7th street. On that demonstration I got to show them what a good jumper I am. I can jump six feet in the air and take Vickies hat right out of her hand. What was really cool was when a little girl tried to hide from me by jumping up on the stage and hiding under the curtains, I just ran from the back of the room, sailed up onto the stage and found her….You should have seen me sail through the air and up onto the stage. I am soo cool……Murphy and Tucker may be talented and entertaining as well as great search dogs, but I am the COOOOLEST…

well, I am off to the pool… to you more later.. Oh yeh, Vickie is going to try and download a video from up at Sourdough of a young moose playing in the water. It is a long one so it probably won't work but check it out below to see if it works.


Erin said...

OMG!!!!! That is a cool moose!!~That dog in you front yard that is the biggest is a huge dog!!!~

Anonymous said...

This is a real cool picture of this moose. I love the one of Syra in the flowers. so suck it up Bert and live with it.