Sunday, September 13, 2009

So here I am, all excited to see Dr. Doughty's new office. We got a tour and saw old friends and then.......all my fun was over. Out came the needles. Three shots. Can you imagine that I got three shots in my behind. And here I thought it was just a fun outing....

It was cool though. I got to be Dr. Doughtys first patient in his new office. It was a very nice office, kind of comforting. Not what you would expect to find in a veterinarians office. it was 09-09-09 at 9 am. pretty cool huh....

Vickie made up for it by taking me to Bear Lake for the weekend though. Yep, it was the anual search and rescue training with Bear Lake County SAR divers. We get to spend the day on the lake, swimming, playing and searching. I came home totally exhauste. Vickie came home with a strange rash that covered her everywhere. I think I came out of this best.

My friend Jen came up for the weekend too. She even hid for me a time or two, was always there to pay attention to me, and was quick to comfort me if I got nervous or scared.

She helped me work on obedience too. I was supposed to stay put while she walked over the top of me and all around me. It was supposed to teach me to be calm when people were around and not get nervous when they were walking around me.

AFter the boring training, Sit,Stay, Come stuff, me and my buddy Rosco got to go play in that beautiful blue lake. Kids were everywhere and so there was a non-stop supply of ball throwers for us. The lake was shallow for the first 50 yards out so we could run and bounce through the water to our hearts content. No body could throw hard enough for the balls to reach the drop off about 60 yards out.

While we were playing the divers were getting prepared to take us out. The idea is, that one diver goes out and goes under water about 30 feet. Then us dogs come out in the boats and tell our handlers where the diver is. When you consider the size of that lake, it is a pretty cool thing that we do.

Vickie and I played for hours while we waited for our turn in the boat. We also went and did some problems that are called HRD. "Human Remains Detection" boy I really like that stuff. I was really quick to find the hidden stuff and Joyce showed Vickie some excellent ways to reward me when I let her know I had found it.

Now it is my turn in the boat. Chase came along to observe. SHe is pretty cool. she is Roscoes human. Anyway before we got in the boat, I got to smell my "Victims" pants. That is so I will know who I am looking for. When I can smell something that belongs to the missing person, then I don't waiste my time checking out everyone else, I just look for the person who smells like them pants.
This was real different than anything else I had done in the past. I mean, here I am on this boat in the middle of this huge lake and there was nothing human within sight. Except I kept smelling a smell of a human. In fact it was the same human smell that I had just smelled on the pants. i looked and sniffed and looked but I couldn't see it. I could smell it though

Pretty soon the smell of him got so strong that I just plain jumped out of the boat and into the water and started swimming toward the smell. The boat followed me and pretty soon, I was getting confused. I could smell him but I couldn't see him. Finally Vickie and the boat pulled up beside me and Vickie grabbed me so that I didn't have to swim as hard.
Next thing you know, I notice this big black thing coming up from below me in the water. I was a little nervous but as it came up, I recognized the smell of it and knew it was my victim. I had found him. Vickie pulled me out of the water and then I got to see this guy from the safety of the boat. He was so nice to me and I realized I had nothing to fear.

I am pretty sure I like this water stuff. I mean, I LOVE water and I love swimming and playing in it, but there is nothing as cool as finding that you are not alone in the lake and that you have a swimming buddy....

Well, I am going back to bed now. Boy am I tired.
Hope your week is good.


Erin said...

oohhhh bert you are one cute dog. hope vickie gets better. that rash at least

louise curry said...

Oh Bert you are the funniest writer ever. You did a great job, along with Murphy, at YW/YM Activity night. Everyone there just loved it when you said your prayers. Good Boy