Friday, September 25, 2009

Yep, I am baby sitting today. And all I get for it is a couple of extra licks from the spagetti pan. Mmmm, not sure that is worth it. I was supposed to be sharing the responsibility with Scrappy but as you can see, he just jumped up on the chair and went to sleep.

Vickie says I should ask everyone for help with this pup. You see, he has no name. He has a loving family, but even though he has been there a whole month or more, they cannot decide what to call him. So if you have any suggestions, PLEASE send them our way. It is hard to tell a pup what to do if you can't get his attention by calling his name.
Sure, I had a name from the minute Vickie picked me up. I knew she was talking to me, but I learned from my mother, that if you play dumb for a while, you know, pretend you don't know that they are calling you, or asking you to do something, well, they just keep giving you treats.
They think we are too young to know what Sit, Stay and Come mean so they try to teach us by giving us a treat every time we do it. Well, mom said if you just act like you don't get it every time, or look at them with your head tilted and a soft "puppy quizical" look, yep, the treats just keep coming.
So this week, we didn't get to go camping but we did get to go to Soda Springs. Now that was a true adventure and I am going to tell you all about it, in just a minute.

Before Soda Springs, we got to go play with a bunch of Scouts in Westpoint. One of my best friends, Erin, came too. She took Vickies camera and was the official photographer for the evening. Paulette, Murphy, Ken and Tucker came too.

Sometimes I wonder if Vickie loves Tucker just a little too much. She keeps saying how he is like Jamie and that he is going to be a great Search Dog. uh hem.....Who is going to be the great search dog?????? Well Please......
I admit he is pretty good and everyone oohhs and aahhs about how polite and good he is. He sits and stays and acts perfect. The key word here is ACTS.....I think he is just a pleaser.......Now me, Not so much......
Well accept when Vickie is sick. She has had a horrible head cold this week and today she is really feeling icky. So I figure it is my chance to show her how wonderful I am. I am loving and cuddly and charming....
So I spent most of the day at her side. When she would go out and lay on the swing I would go out and lay next to her. And just for that special touch, that gets you humans everytime. I would lay my head on her lap and look gently up into her eyes. Then she gets all mushy and tells me what a good boy I am. Oh I am good.

Anyway, back to Westpoint. Paulette showed the kids how to stay dry and warm if they ever get lost, Mufhpy did his regular..."I'm the coolest" performance. Then both Tucker and Murhpy did a problem for the kids to see how we find you when you are lost. Not sure why I didn't get to do one, but I made up for it at Soda Springs.

Then we all posed for a picture......

On Thursday Vickie and I got into the little red truck and headed to Soda springs to speak to a group of school children who were on an outing there. The place we were supposed to go to was Hooper Springs and I was all excited cause I knew I was gonna get to swim in the springs. I also love to drink the water that comes out of the ground cause it is so cold and crisp and wonderful. I could hardly wait.
As we traveled, I got a little gassy and I think Vickie figured I needed a pit stop so we pulled over, just outside of Malad. It was dry and barren and HOT....But I made the most of the stop....

Along the way we came across miles and miles of straw. It was really pretty and the hills were starting to change color too so Vickie put her camera outside the window and snapped pictures while we drove.
I liked the fields of straw that were baled in huge big squares and also some were in big rolls that were as big as a truck. I would have loved to get out and play in them, if only we had time
When we got to Hooper Springs, Kim met us and we went over to the place where we were going to talk. We were a bit early so I got to go play in the stream. It was nice and pretty and green and I got all wet. Then I came out and found two kids to pet me and keep me company while we waited.

AFter the talking part of the demo, I got to show these kids how WONDERFUL I am. Vickie set up two easy problems for me. The first one was way simple. The boy ran up the hill and behind a tree. Well that took no time at all. I finished to the acclamaiton of my fans.
The second problem, well there was a little tiny mishap there. I beleive it is all Vickies fault. She had the victim run behind me and around all the kids who were sitting down in front of us. Vickie held her hand over my eyes so I couldn't cheat.....Me???Cheat??
Anyway when she released me and told me to "Find", well instead of going around the kids, I just went through them. I mean, it was the quickest route. Well, I guess I sent kids flying in both directions as I plowed my way through. One girl even got a little teary....I felt pretty bad about that, but what is a guy to do???? I mean it is my job. Right?

I am pretty sure she has forgiven me by now. At least I hope so. all the kids came up to play with me after that and then we all posed for yet another pictures.
It was time for the kids to get ready to go. One girl came up, and asked if she could walk with me. Vickie handed over my leash and off we went. She was great....She should be a dog trainer.
She ran me around, made me do turns, and stops and sits.....and working for her was easy and fun. If I didn't know that Vickie needs me, I would really consider moving in with her.

As everyone was ready to leave, it was the plan to take us all down to the Springs for a drink. I figured a drink and a dip was in order for me. So I happily headed to the water. Just before I was ready to jump into the springs, Vickie called out to me and told me to stop. then she said I should probably take a drink of the water first before I jump in. Well I know the command for Drink so I leaned over into the spring and took a big gulp of the beautiful clear water.
Oh my gosh.......It was the worst tasting stuff I have ever ever had...and mind you, I have taken a drink from the Great Salt Lake..... It was horrible. It was bubbly and it popped in my mouth. I am sooo glad Vickie stopped me from Jumping in......
Now I know what they meant when they named it Soda Springs.......
Eeeooouuuu..... give me a mud puddle any day....

I can't figure out why all the kids were drinking it. Vickie said they brought Kool-Aid and put that in the cups of water they got and it was like drinking pop...... will drink anything.
I escorted them all onto their busses and sent them all home. Then Vickie and I stayed a little while longer and played ball in the creek. On the way home we stopped to take a few pictures of the leaves changing, well Vickie did. I was pretty tired by then and I just slept all the way home.

It is Saturday night now and Vickie is being sickly so I figure I have my job of taking care of her ahead of me. But first, and Vickie loves this, I better go and check to see if there is any fresh pooh in the yard to taste, then a quick drink out of the toilet and then.....Vickie, I am all yours....
Oh yea, and yes I was at the vets again this week. Vickie thought I ate a walnut, husk and all but the vet couldn't see a walnut in my x-rays. Just three big rocks. he sent me home for a few hours then wanted me back again for another x-ray. Just to see if the big rocks were moving. When I went back, later in the day, lo and behold , there were six rocks in my tummy.
Hmmmm wonder where they came from.......


Brian said...

Three more rocks! Bert you are a wonder!

Poor Vickie- I wonder if it is all the smoke in the air- I hope you are feeling better and have lots of well wishers come by and help.

You know, I never knew that's why they call it Soda Springs- never been there, but did the kids really drink it?? What a fun trip!!

erin said...

i think that they should call him choco or chocolate. it would fit his color perfectly

erin said...

get well soon vickie!!!!! i don't want to leave Jesse with someone who is sickly. lol. just kidding

love ya vick!!!

shame on bert for those three rocks!!!!